NOTICE: This project has reached a state of completion.
A low-ish-level implementation of high-level language features like real-time variable viewing and modification, timing, program control (stepping et al.) and even arbitrary function calling with type checking. Works with C/C++ fairly generally (has worked with cl, tcc, gcc and g++ (mingw-w64) on windows so far using dlls; doesn't require compiler-specific debug information). Requires some integration, but this is considerably simplified so extraneous effort is minimized.

Inspired by a mixture of the constant stream of "What the heck is it doing?" and a side-project involving JavaScript and Chrome with a lot less of that, seashell is simply an add-on that makes low-ish-level programming more manageable. Yet, think of it not just as a beginner's dream, no, fine sir! It also has direct memory modification in the form of hex viewing/editing in addition to the standard decimal stuff, clear optimization-focused analysis of many forms (like probability analysis and direct measurement of runtime performance), nearly infinite customization (literally execute any C you need when you want, no scripting language) and other highly detailed things to suit your fancy (color customizing with transparent windows).

Currently it is past major development, unless magically good ideas are proposed/discovered and really should be implemented. It has now just become available as well (so be warned of beta software!).

The implementation languages are C/ASM (asm for function calling). It shall be under the MIT license upon release.

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